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We are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited Best Workplaces™ in Hong Kong 2023 Awards Ceremony was a tremendous success! On June 29th, 2023, we witnessed an incredible evening filled with inspiration and celebration.

The event featured a dynamic well-being fair, esteemed company leaders as guests and speakers, and an unwavering commitment to recognizing companies that have gone above and beyond in creating exceptional workplaces for their employees. It was truly a night to remember!

Congratulations to the 15 outstanding companies that have secured their place on the Best Workplaces™ list. To view the full list of these exceptional organizations, click the button below:

“Invest in your employees, and they will invest in your organization. Nurture a culture of trust, respect, and collaboration, and watch your organization thrive.”

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Our certification process provides invaluable feedback and insights into your organization’s strengths and areas for improvement, enabling you to enhance the employee experience and overall performance.

Great Words from Great Leaders

We had the privilege of sitting down with representatives from the awardees of Best Workplaces™ in Hong Kong 2023 to delve into their remarkable journeys of creating exceptional workplaces. These short but insightful interviews offer a window into the strategies, philosophies, and practices that have propelled these organizations to greatness. Here’s a glimpse of what some of these visionary leaders had to share:

Congratulations once again to all the exceptional organizations that made it to the Best Workplaces™ in Hong Kong 2023 list. We look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you, building a workplace that inspires and thrives!

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